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The course Step by Step is the pedagogy that has helped thousands of our students pass the driving test because you actually do the course. With short steps, you are motivated to study every day. The course combines the book, practice tests, audiobook, and videos to ensure deep learning and prepare you for the theory test at the Swedish Transport Agency.

🎓 What subjects do we cover?

The course covers all topics related to the theory test for a driver’s license. Each step includes a section of the book that you should read, listen to, or watch (video book) in order to have a practice test on that step afterward. The steps are short so that you are motivated to accomplish a little every day while also reviewing and gaining in-depth knowledge.

🧐 Here are some of the subjects covered in the course:

  • Traffic regulations: The course explains and covers various traffic regulations, including speed limits, right-of-way rules, driving behavior, and traffic signals.
  • Road signs: Students learn about different road signs and their meanings. This includes warning signs, prohibition signs, and guidance signs.
  • Traffic safety: It includes learning about safe following distances, driving under different weather conditions, dangerous situations, and how to avoid accidents.
  • Environment and vehicle knowledge: Students gain an understanding of how driving affects the environment and learn about eco-friendly driving habits. Additionally, the course covers vehicle knowledge, such as tires, vehicle inspections, and weights.
  • Driving in different traffic situations: The course addresses driving in various traffic situations, such as city driving, rural road driving, and highway driving. It also includes learning how to navigate intersections, roundabouts, and pedestrian areas.

These are some of the main subjects covered in the “Step by Step” course on Körkortssidan.se.

🚀 What will you achieve?

You will be guided from a beginner to being fully prepared for the theory test. Many fail the theory test because they don’t know what, when, and how to study. In the Step by Step course, you will never have to think about that; you simply follow the steps.

  • In-depth learning of the theory
  • You will know what and how to study
  • You will know when you are ready
  • When you complete all the steps, you will be ready for the test

So, what are you waiting for? Start the course and take the first step towards passing your theory test.