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Here you are studying the theory test for a passenger car in English. The theory test for a passenger car is an important part of the process of obtaining a driver’s license. The test is designed to assess your knowledge of all the subjects that may appear in the theory test.

🎓 Test

Study the tests by category so that you can practice the categories you find difficult and practice theory tests that resemble the real test at the Swedish Transport Agency.

🧐 What should I study?

The most important thing is not to just study theory tests. To pass the test, you need deep learning, and you can achieve that by reading the book. The best way is to follow the course step by step since it combines the book and theory tests. After that, you can study theory tests here.

Study theory tests by category, and if you want to be extra sure of passing the theory test, practice the final theory test until you get at least 60 correct answers three times.

🚀 What will I achieve?

  • You will be ready for the theory test for a passenger car.
  • You will know the questions that cover all the theory for a passenger car.
  • You will be prepared to answer the questions within the given time.