Additional signs

Now you will learn about Additional signs. No test in this step.

Traffic signals

Now you will get to know all the traffic signals. Go trough them all to make sure you remember them. No test at this step.

People with disabilities

Now you will learn how disability affects you as a driver. Tip: Remember that many disabilities are not visible in a person, such as a…


Now you will learn about vision in connection with driving and then learn, for example, what direct vision and peripheral vision are. Tip: if you…


Now you will learn about tiredness and driving. Good luck! Tip: Respect tiredness when driving. Stop the car and rest for about 20 minutes. It…

Alcohol and drugs

Now you will, among other things, learn what per mille is the limit for drunk driving. Good luck! Tip: You can lose your driving license…

Individual circumstances

Congratulations you are done with Traffic regulations. Now we will start the last category in Step by step: Individual circumstances. Good luck!

Road signs

Now you will learn more about road signs. What are warning signs, for example? Tip: use the road sign function to study all road signs.

Driving a car abroad

Now you will learn what is good to think about when driving a car abroad. There is no theory test for this chapter. Good luck!